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Taipei: Famous Shihlin Night Market

Taipei: Famous Shihlin Night Market – How can you not visit the famous Shihlin Night Market if you are in Taipei? Although there’s friend claiming that it’s too touristy, there’s some better one like Raohe, or Shida, or Keelung, or blablabla whatever it is, yet it’s still the most famous and one of the best in my opinion! And very sad, I found the same pants that I’ve bought at Wufenpu, was selling cheaper here at Shihlin! So, the one who says Shihlin is touristy and expensive is just not true.
Yes, it’s touristy, but then there’s still many locals visiting the night market. You can bargain with the stall owner on the price. You can find almost all Taiwanese street food here and the best part for that night, the temperature drop to 18 celcius after so many days of warmness. Oh yeah!
On the way to Shihlin after alighting at Shihlin Subway Station.
Funny and cool, the a dedicated pedestrian way on the road instead of bicycle lane of something else.
Taiwanese at Shihlin.
Shopping on-going.
Little vendor selling mobile phone case.
More Taiwanese.
Mu Gua Niu Nai, papaya milk shake, good for getting bigger boobs.
Jelly on a stick.
The jelly stick.
Game stall, a thing that you won’t find in Malaysian’s night market. Cute.
Ji Lie Ge. I didn’t find this stall in the must-eat of Shihlin, but I’ve to tell you after trying it, it’s a must-eat!
It’s just deep fried chicken cutlet which mixed with various sauces like garlic, cheese and soy sauce. The sauce is the bomb!
Grilled scallops on a stick.
There’s a same stall in Gurney Plaza, Penang, and I guess this is the original one in Taiwan. As usual, awesome, but not cheap.
More Taiwanese!
More game stall. =D
Bang bang.
Shihlin used to have food stalls by the roadside of the night market, but few years ago, the government built an underground space to accommodate all the food stalls to create a food section, underground. Many complains about it, but I find it fine.
As crowded and happenings as on the ground, the food choices are superb.
Bitter-gourd juice is my super favourite.
Tried the sesame pork kidney here. Exotic and delicious!
Pork Kidney with spring onion in sesame soy sauce.
Another street food to try – Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang, or literally means small sausage wrapped in big sausage.
Sausage in making.
The outer layer is actually rice sausage and the inner sausage is the real sausage. Sweet and yummy! Must try!
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