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Taipei: Evening Walk At Tamsui (Dan Shui) & Fisherman Wharf

Taipei: Evening Walk At Tamsui (Dan Shui) & Fisherman Wharf РTamsui or Danshui is a sea-side town out of Taipei city-centre where you can enjoy a weekend stroll, eat some nice street food at the Lao Jie, or capture an awesome scenic sunset.
Tamsui is pretty relaxing, where you can find food, enjoy the breeze and just take your busy mind off for a little while. Tamsui Laojie also has the stall selling very tall ice cream cone! It’s not just one stall, but there’s a few one, the ¬†authentic one is located at the end of Laojie, nearest to the seaside, and there’s a few imitations in between. Tiedan is one hard preserved egg that can be bought as souvenirs, or just eat at there, though I don’t find it delicious. It’s just sweet, preserved and processed egg, looks like century egg but taste differently.
Buy a ticket to the ferry, hop on and take a short ferry ride to Fisherman Wharf, then cross the Lover’s Bridge, then your trip at Tamsui is completed. Just catch a bus ride back to Tamsui Metro Station then, it’s time to go back to the city! Yeah.
Human street art statue, real human, fake dog. Good job.
Tamsui / Danshui Lao Jie.
Deep Fried Mushroom.
Fook Chew Fishball!
More of Tamsui Lao Jie.
This is not the first and authentic tall ice cream cone stall! I’ve got misled to this one and bought a cone.
Red Bean Biscuit, something interesting to try also.
The real and authentic tall jumbo ice cream cone stall.
Girl with cone!
Red Bean Biscuit!
Tamsui Old Street again.
Red Bean Biscuit again.
Poodle and kid.
Relaxing seaside promenade.
Statue doing breakdance. LOL. or Gymnast.
Kuanyin Mountain across the Tamsui River.
A large patch of green field by the riverside.
No sunset for that day.
Jin Se Shui An.
On the ferry, heading out to Fisherman Wharf and met with strong wave.
Lover’s Bridge.
The ferry.
Just a bridge. I feel that bridges at Putrajaya is so much nicer. HAHA.
This gives tha name of Lover’s Bridge.
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