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Sia Boey Park – Penang’s Own Central Park That We Are Proud Of

Officially known as Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park, this miniature city park is located in the heart of George Town, yes, literary in the centre of this city, just like the iconic Central Park in New York City, except that it’s just a small fraction size of the real one.

Sia Boey – I remembered this was the place where I went with dad to buy firecrackers for Chinese New Year when I was little. Later, this place was not heard of as it was barricaded, at first heard that they were redeveloping this area, and later the local government announced to turn it into a city park. It took them really long to realise this project, and finally it was opened in November 2019.

I checked out the park late, like just recently but it’s fascinating. It was controversial at first as some social media postings show that the once dirty Prangin Canal that run through the park has been thoroughly cleaned, so clean that it has Koi fish swimming in the canal. However, the planner did a great job diverted the canal and created a ‘pond’ through the existing Prangin Canal and breed Koi fish in it. The Koi fish is the main attraction of this park actually.

Day it would be a little too hot to spend time in the park, but the pond and shades do attract park goers. Night time would be very busy, with children running and playing at the play ground, filling the atmosphere with laughter; there’s even a upbeat cha-cha dance activity going on at the market hall space.

Let’s hope more public parks will sprout out in Penang. It’s just wonderful to bring harmony into the community.

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