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Very Good Mee Goreng & Coconut Shake At Bukit Mertajam

Food hunting in the mainland? One must not miss this Mee Goreng stall located on Jalan Kulim – Haji Mohamed Mee Kuah Ketam Tokun. The eatery stall name does indicates Mee Kuah Ketam (crab flavoured gravy fried noodle) but my heart went all in for the Mee Goreng and it did not disappoint.

Topped with sweet-spicy cuttlefish, extra potato cube, chopped lettuce and cut chilli, the malay fried noodle dish does definitely brings in a wonderful explosion of flavour in the taste buds. Comparable to the Mee Sotong at Esplanade, but a differently good.

On my next visit, I must try their OG Mee Kuah Ketam, which is their first star dish, but Mee Goreng must not be missed too. I ordered the Special variation, with extra cuttlefish and potatoes.

Another star player here at this roadside eatery is Coconut Man, pairing their coconut milkshake with pearl and fresh coconut juice together with a hot plate of Mee Goreng, these do fused into a wonderful meal combination while eating in a warm environment.

The place is not exactly near to Tokun, but it’s on the way to Tokun if you are coming from BM old town. Very easily to find, you may park your car at the Caltex petrol station just beside it.

  • Mee Goreng Special: RM6.50
  • Coconut Shake with Bubble Pearl & Nata De Coco + Coconut Juice: RM9

Opens 9am – 6.30pm (Close on Friday)

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