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Share The Love Concert At Taylor’s University

#1: Nice Taylor’s University at night.

Share The Love Concert At Taylor’s University – I went to school last Saturday night to camp in school to do assignment. I wore simple clothing, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, with slippers on, feeling free and easy and arrived in school happily. Then I heard loud voices of people singing, and the school’s lights were turn on brightly. There’s a concert going on in the campus – Share The Love.

#2: The Julie’s balloon. Julie’s is a brand of biscuit.

I almost forgot about it until I reached school that Saturday night. Share The Love is actually a charity concert which promotes friendship and solidarity through music. The concert is actually a singing contest which the winner wins RM5000 cash prize for themselves as well as another RM5000 which to be donated to the Taylor’s World Food Day on behalf of them. Cool right?

#3: The bunting.


The crowds were not really big, about 200 or more people can be see, sitting on the checkered floor, some lying and enjoying the concert. It was quite relaxing and nice to see a concert stage was set up in the school.

#5: The stage and people on the floor.

I imagined what if some other famous artist has their mini concert here, it will be really very awesome, given a good view of the campus. I would like to see Taiwan’s artist here, but I don’t think it’s possible because it’s an English speaking school. HAHA.

#6: From the side of the stage.

Share The Love Concert At Taylor's University
#7: The people.

Share The Love Concert At Taylor's University
#8: Camera man.

Share The Love Concert At Taylor's University
#9: The host is talking on the ramp.

Share The Love. I spend less than 30 minutes then and off I went to do assignment with my group mates. I didn’t really enjoy those Indie band because I don’t know the music and songs they were singing. But one cool thing was, they were giving out free little food like cup cakes to the people by answering a few question.

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