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Remembering Steve Jobs 1955-2011

(image from Apple)

Remembering Steve Jobs 1955-2011 – It’s a very sad morning for today, 5th October 2011 (Malaysia: 6th October 2011) as the great founder and leader of Apple Inc – Steve Jobs has passed away. Steve Jobs was and is always my idol. The reason I love Apple, I be a Apple’s fanboy is because of him. He is great not just making awesome products like MacBook, iPhone, iPod and others, it’s the way he create it, the way he shows it to the world, the way he vision the products to be in the future, the way he leads Apple to today’s success.

I knew Apple product when I was 9 years old (2002), it was eMac, lamp shape iMac back then as well as the scroll wheel iPod, then I knew about Steve Jobs  like in 2007 when he introduced the first iPhone 2G (I bet many of you might not scene it before because it was not available in Malaysia). I saw the keynote, I saw the iPhone, although hardware wasn’t that great, yet it did it well, it became the world’s phone today.

I followed every of his keynote in the past, I read about him, I just felt that he was not simple, he was a great leader, he just is like the God in the technology world. He became an idol in my heart, just like how people obsessed football player or singer, actress, I obssess Steve Jobs. Think, Sony made Walkman but it took them so long for everyone to know about the name “Walkman”, Apple made “iPod”, but just a year or two, it’d becomes everyone’s name in the mouth for MP3 player. iMac’s design was weird, un-standard with the computer design of that time, yet it looks pretty, minimalist, designer’s feel. iBook, eBook was cute and comes the MacBook Pro (PowerBook) where aluminum laptop design comes in.

In 2007, comes the iPhone, the device that changed the people look at phone. Touchscreen wasn’t a new thing at that time, but then many failed to promote a touch screen device. It’s Apple who shows the world the true capability of touchscreen. Multi-touch gesture came to us. Then other company started to produce touchscreen device to compete – HTC, Samsung, Nokia and so-on. Because of Apple, everyone is releasing touchscreen mobile phone now.

iPad in 2010 was a great product. Tablet computing was not famous back then yet it existed like many years ago. It was using a stylus and running Windows. They were not sensitive, they were slow and not user-friendly, yet the release of the Apple iPad tablet changed the world of tablet computing. Everyone bought it. Everyone like it. Then comes the rival company producing the samething – Acer Iconia Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom.

Steve Jobs and the company – Apple had created many great product to us. He was a great presenter, I like the way he gives the keynote, the way he conduct it, the way he talk. It’s just became my guide in doing a presentation. No doubt he is the great presenter of all time to me.


I love my iPod Nano 2G (2006), iPod Shuffle 2G (2007), iPod touch 1G (2007), iPhone 3GS (2009), MacBook (2010), Apple iPad 1G (2010), MacBook Pro (2011).

(image from Gizmodo)

No more Steve’s awesome keynote now, no more “boom”, no more “one more thing”, no more “extraordinary”, no more long sleeve, turtle neck and Levi’s jeans, no more Apple old man. He’s gone. RIP Steve Jobs. Remember you always.

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