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Red Box Karaoke Right After Last Paper of SPM 2009

Yes yes, it’s again, we went to Red Box karaoke after the last paper of SPM examination of 2009. That’s what I usually do after finishing a school examination. This is a very standard stuff and why Red Box? Because in Penang, there’s only Red Box karaoke and I just get to know that Neway Karaoke will be opening soon at Queensbay Mall soon.

IMG_0457 by nicholaschan.

Jing Min playing with the Red Box people.

Our Chinese paper finished at 12.45pm that day, I went home to bath and got ready, then to Red Box with everyone. We were not the first SPM finisher, because fifth former who didn’t take Chinese paper had finished their SPM earlier.

IMG_0458 by nicholaschan.

Yiphing Dot Net.

IMG_0461 by nicholaschan.

Chai Wei, Vivian, Shan and Sheue Yen.

We have got the biggest room in Red Box which can have up to 20-25 people in the room and we have only got like 13 people.

IMG_0469 by nicholaschan.

Lek Jian, Me, Theresa, Hui Mei, Liang Sun.

It’s not only us that went to Red Box, many people went there too on that day and I believe most of them are same like me, just finished their SPM, taking a break.

IMG_0471 by nicholaschan.


It’s not too many people in the room, it’s too many people came to Red Box on that day, people came in and our, “hi and bye”, very hard to communicate and interact with everyone.

IMG_0472 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0479 by nicholaschan.

Lek Jian, Valen, Jia Wei, Yi Jun and me.

Most important are still did I sing or not? Yes I did and enjoyed the singing, a lot. The Penang’s Plurkers had a room there too, I went there to say hi, sang a few songs and went back to my place. Hard to be at multiplace. I wish I can divide my body. Haha.

IMG_0480 by nicholaschan.

Zi Wei.

IMG_0483 by nicholaschan. IMG_0486 by nicholaschan.IMG_0492 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0495 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0496 by nicholaschan.

Simon, Arron with the his crazy pose and Edmund.

IMG_0500 by nicholaschan.

Zez and Vivian.

IMG_0501 by nicholaschan.

Shan Shan.

IMG_0502 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0503 by nicholaschan. IMG_0506 by nicholaschan.

Chai Wei and Ammerlynn.

IMG_0508 by nicholaschan.


IMG_0509 by nicholaschan.

Wei Chung and Sheue Yen.

IMG_0510 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0512 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0513 by nicholaschan.

Karaoke finished, I went home. Marked the end of SPM, the end of Form 5 life. That’s fast.

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