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Post-Thaipusam Karaoke & Lots Of Birthday

Post-Thaipusam Karaoke & Lots Of Birthday – Last Monday night, I went to KTV with a bunch of uni friends, it had been a while that I’ve been to the KTV and you know during high school time, I go karaoke at least once a month! Oh, now it seems like the feeling for karaoke, screaming like crazy in the KTV room is back!
Actually that day I was very paiseh at there, because that it’s actually a birthday celebration for many people! I felt so bad and embarrassed that I didn’t know it’s a celebration, and I went there empty handed. =( Argghhh oh my, sorry friends that I know nothing about it and I wish you all happy birthday from here. So to prevent myself from feeling bad, I kept myself not to think my singing non-stop. Hahaha. But sincerely, I do wish you all happy birthday, Dai Lou Wei Kean, Dai Lou girlfriend – Iris, Zhi Inn, Quenna and Connie. =)
Connie, Dai Lou Wei Kean, Iris, Quenna and Zhi Inn. =)
The KTV destination was Loudspeaker and K at night was RM27 per person for 3 hours with free flow of drinks. Well, price is OK but the duration was short. 3 hours only, ended everything at 1.30am and I still felt early despite I have work the day after. HAHA, guess I played too much for the last weekend already.
Hug hug.
Henry Gor!
Anyway, it was a fun night. KTV rocks! But no K-Pop song please, I am Chinese song singer. Haha.

Photos are taken with Canon 60D and Tamron 17-55mm f2.8

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