PLKN Experience: MacBook Pro and Photo Booth In Camp

On a lovely 3rd Sunday of Kumpulan 2, Siri 7, 2010 in Kem PLKN White Resort, Balik Pulau, two guys who were already gone came back to the camp. Balbinder Singh and Eu Chuen.

It’s a Sunday and as usual, I would be in the hall (they called it Dewan Rajawali) from morning until afternoon. I love being in the hall on Sunday because it’s family visiting day and my parents would come and visit me, bring food, bring laptop and camera for me to play with. I don’t like to stay inside the dorm and sleep, it’s Sunday, I need some fresh air and bright light. Dorm is dull.

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It’s still early that day, around 930am, I was just preparing myself to go the hall to check out who’s family or friends were there. I am weird, I like to see who came to visit them. Haha. As for my parents, they would probably come around noon time. It’s kinda surprise to see Singh and Eu Chuen came back to the camp a week after they had left. They made deferment because they were going to college, and they came back on a surprise visit. Nice!

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Eu Chuen, Izzi and Khang.

Now only I know that there’s an Apple fan in camp and quite a geek too. Eu Chuen brought along his gadget, the MacBook Pro, planning to online at there but somehow the WIFI couldn’t work on that day. So I played a little with my favourite Mac app, Photo Booth. Hehe. Feel a little bit sad for Chuen because he bought his MacBook Pro few weeks before NS and the new revision came out a few week after NS. Apple really release stuff on a surprise. Still, it’s cool. I want one too!

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Balbinder Singh.

Singh, a mixed of Chinese and Singh came all the way from Taiping and was staying at Eu Chuen’s place. Chuen brought him to camp and they stayed until afternoon.

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Ming, Chuen and Me.

Photo on 2010-04-25 at 10.08 by nicholaschan
Me and Balbinder.

Photo on 2010-04-25 at 09.57 by nicholaschan.

Photo on 2010-04-25 at 09.56 by nicholaschan.
Ming, Wei Jun and Me.

Sunday is always the best day because I can skip breakfast and wake up a little bit late at 745am, then there’s mom and dad, there’s lot of food and a lot of talking. We talk from morning until afternoon! Yeah.

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