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Orientation Day and First Day in Taylor’s University College, Lakeside Campus

Oh my god. I have been away for so long. Don’t know why lately have been so lazy on the blogging job. Always slacking in my comfy hostel room or just hang out around the university. Life here is kinda fun, but I do miss home occasionally.

I haven’t been online like I do so consistence at home last time because Internet at my hostel is still not ready yet, I am on the DiGi 3G Broadband and it always DC and another thing is I can’t online 24/7 because of the capped and saving electricity bill. Somemore, I have homework and assignment already, don’t have many time to spend in front of the computer like before during the holidays. >.< Now I know why my friend seldom online when they went to college. Haha.

Taylor’s University College had an orientation for Julu 2010 intake students 2 weeks ago. It’s for everyone that’s studying in Lakeside Campus and basically there’s many courses available at the Lakeside Campus except Pre-U studies. The reason I pick this university is because it’s new and beautiful. =D I like studying in a place that look like a school than an office building.

It’s not really start of school yet but it’s an orientation to let you know what’s around the school and I was pretty excited for it because get to meet new people and back to school after the long 7 months holiday of mine. A little bit nervous also, because I knew no one at there. I have no friend of my age from Penang with me at there. Though I did meet people afterall.

Thanks to Leo Club, I knew Victor, a senior of mine in Leo Club and also during my high school. He also July intake student but on a different course. Then I knew who to mix with on first day. Oh yeah, luckily I was not alone. Rocks.

There’s like thousands of student. Business course have the longest queue which I think they have many students as for me in The Design School, there’s not super many but at least there still around 30 students in my course. At least it’s not less than 10. Haha.

It’s the boring talk about what the school have, what are the dos and don’ts, welcoming speech and blablabla. Didn’t really enjoy it as I was like keeping my hands busy on the phone. One thing, the hall was so damn cold and we spent like 3 hours in the hall. Hungry in the morning!

After the hall thing, we have our little own orientation. The Design School is under the Division of Engineering, Architecture, Building and Design. =D

It’s the same thing again, but not so boring talk by the Dean. At this place, I have to separate with Victor them already and at here I was by my own. Know nobody. But still, it’s fun.


After all the talk have done, it’s the admin work already. I have to go to collect stuff like t-shirt and take photos for student ID. The queue for this stuff was like so long and we have to wait for like an hour to get me in front of the line.

Victor, me and Yi Xiang. =D

After that just we just roam around the school, went to change password for the school portal thing and nothing much for the first day. Pretty free. Thanks


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  • Pravishnu
    January 14, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    Hey ! Great description of what happened on the first day. My orientation is coming up soon too and I’m like so damn scared about what to do when I’m there since I have no friends going. This article you posted really helped me a lot ! By the way, do I really have to go to like all 3 days of orientation ? I know I’ll definitely be going to the first 2 but the third is like so so for me. Hope you’ll reply ! Thanks ! :))


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