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Walkaround Kuala Lumpur Before College Started

Hello people, I am taking Diploma In Interior Design at Taylor’s University College, Lakeside Campus. Orientation is this week and class will officially starts on next Monday. I came last Friday to check in to my hostel which is pretty cool place located right in the campus. Small room but quite comfy. Will show you about it next time. I’ll talk about what I did here on last weekend which I spent it here with my family.

We spent 3 days going here and there and I went quite a lot of places. I’ll name some of the places I went, Pavilion, Lot 10, Sungei Wang, Low Yat Plaza, Corus Hotel, Carrefour Subang Jaya, Sunway Pyramid, Taylor’s University College, Jalan Alor, Mid Valley City, and basically that’s all the places I went. Haha.

Road to Taylor’s University College.

Dad drove us down. We started our journey at about 10am in Penang and reached like at 3pm. First place to go was my school, Taylor’s University College to do the check-in stuff and move all my electronics, gadgets and stuff into my hostel room. Only then I went to buy some personal stuff at Carrefour, Subang Jaya.

Waited quite long at the school and actually I was not allow to check in on that day because Friday was for International Student only. But then what’s the problem for local student? I called and asked and the person told me I could check in on that day and no saying on anything related to International Student, anyhow, I manage to convince the person to let me check in. I can’t leave there without checking in because I just have too many stuff in the car boot.

After settle everything at Subang area, we went to check in our hotel at Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang. An incident happened and that was our booking made online was canceled because we came to check in late. Internet price was not entitled and we have to paid for walk-in price, worst is that our booking made surcharged us for one night room charge as if we canceled our booking because late check-in. Not yet finish rambling, we were given a room on the smoking floor. Sucks. Bad luck har?

Still continue, during our stay in the midnight, the aircon broke down for like 2 hours, the heat woke us up in the middle of the night and we had to call the hotel man to come and repair it. He screw and unscrew some stuff only then it started working again. Bad staying experience and after some complain made at the reception during check out, we get refund and extra free night for other time. Rocks. Haha.

Going back to what happened after checkin into hotel, we went to fetch my brother at Times Square and then went for supper. The KL City is really a place that’s very happening at night. Traffic jam happened in the middle of the night like at 1am. Looking for parking around Jalan Alor was pretty difficult. We did find a space though. Why Jalan Alor? It’s because we didn’t know other place that has food at midnight. Any idea or recommendation?

Another thing is that the arrival of my brother in Kuala Lumpur was also the arrival of my mighty Apple iPad. He bought it on the launch date which is that afternoon, and delivered to Kuala Lumpur to my hands. =D

Red Lens!

Branded camera bag!

Brother also brought his camera gear and right now he’s pretty a photog freak and he has a better gear than me!

Since we had an unpleasant stay, second day, check out! And move to other hotel. KL hotel is getting more and more expensive. Good hotel all starts from at least RM275. Hard to find cheaper than that already.

It’s still early after checkout of hotel and we went to Pavilion at Bukit Bintang for shopping. It’s a better place to shop when compare to KLCC, more spacious, more shops, colder AC, cleaner, and newer. Haha. But stuff at there are expensive. I bought something at there though. XD

I was walking around with brother. Dad was with mom. We were separated into our own groups. We more like to look at gadget and was looking for case for iPad. Went to all the Apple shop around this area and eventually, we went to Lot 10, Sungei Wang and Lowyat Plaza but found nothing. Went back to Epicenter at Pavilion to buy the iPad case. Not cheap!

You know what. Epicentre is also where my iPad was from, not Kuala Lumpur’s outlet but was the outlet in ION@Orchard. Rocks.

After Pavilion, we then went to checkin to another hotel at Mid Valley, Boulevard and that’s a better one, but the price was not nice. Haha. RM3hundred something. I’ve forgotten. Didn’t take much photo at Mid Valley and I bought nothing there. No idea why I have no shopping feel or I am broke. =( Mom bought those comforter and bed stuff for me at there.

One thing, Mid Valley is crazy on the weekend. Jam at the carpark, round the mall and people jam in the mall! Super duper crowded and feel not nice to walk. Gurney Plaza in Penang is better? Hahaha. Bye bye.

By the way, I am blogging from the Mac room in my school’s library. There’s like 25 27″ iMac in this room and they rocks! Internet speed is freaking fast too, just sad that cannot PPS or P2P.

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