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New Year Eve at Penang’s Straits Quay with Hueisean and Friends

Well, New Year is here and today is the third day of the new 2011 year. Yoyoyo people, how you guys have been doing today? Today is also the first day of school, work and almost everything, but my college is starting in one more week time, so I still get some time to sit down and rest and sleep and eat. =)

So, let’s talk about New Year’s Eve. Christmas’ Eve was a sick day for me as I fell sick and stayed at home to rest but for New Year’s Eve, I have recover from all kind of sickness and ready to rock the new year. I went to the latest seafront promenade in Penang, Straits Quay with my dearest one, Hueisean and her friend to countdown for new year.

We actually want to dine at other place rather than at Straits Quay but due to scare of stuck in a massive countdown-fever-crazy traffic jam, we might as well just dine there and wait for countdown. Save petrol and also prevent from traffic jam.

We arrived there at around 8.30pm and the carpark was already almost full and luckily I found a nice spot to park the car. A crowd of people were already walking at there.

Unfortunately, it’s only restaurants and not many shops opened yet, so it’s only eating out and enjoying the live band by the sea. There’s quite many people at Straits Quay, probably due to people already fed up and boring with the usual countdown place like Gurney Plaza, Upper Penang Road and Queensbay Mall. With the opening of Straits Quay, it given another choice for people to countdown and hangout before the new year falls.

One sad thing was that we spent almost half an hour to search for a right restaurant, some was too crowded and some was just offering “New Year” menu which is rather expensive, in the end, we spent another half an hour for queuing for Secret Recipe restaurant.

After dinner, we just went to walk around the seafront. It’s people everywhere and it’s pretty hard to look for a nice spot to sit down. The centre stage where the performance are was too crowded with people and the place was really small, not a nice place to set up a stage. If it’s on the sea then it’s awesome. Haha.

They even set up screen showing live action on the performance stage on both side of the quay. I think it’s kinda cool but I feel not many people would pay attention at it. One bad thing about that night was the weather was bad, it’s a wet night and it drizzle lightly once in a while.

It’s not only Hueisean and friends that night, I also met some of my high school mate that night. It seems like many people came to Straits Quay that night.

We photoshoot at there, see the girls camwhore, shoot here shoot there to pass time and wait for the countdown to arrive. One thing I got to say that the MC or DJ at there was not good enough, didn’t really bring up the atmosphere IMO. The countdown starts when we here 10, 9, 8 …

And happy new year! The best part of the night was the fireworks, it’s not a very tall one but lovely fireworks by the sea. The beginning part was OK-good, and the ending was awesome. It lasted for several minutes, it’s not the best but still nice to me. People were like screaming and cheering at there.

After the fireworks, it’s playing of some hot club tracks, blasting through the huge speaker. Above the Straits Quay are the residences and resident there probably didn’t get a good rest after the countdown. Haha. Spent some times at there then we went home already.

My brother who is in New York right now wanted to countdown and see the ball drop at Times Square but due to the long wait from 3pm to 12am, he decided to spend the time somewhere else and went to play with snows at the Central Park. Seems cool right? He told me that one who went in Times Square must wait till night and not easy and probably not able to go the washroom because there’s no washroom! Woo.

So, how did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

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