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Midnight At Taylor’s University Architectural Studio

I spent a few nights at the studio in my campus lately due to last minute work. Yeah yeah, I bet many of you also always do last minute work. Haha. It’s so last minute that I only get to go back and sleep for like an hour or 2 early in the morning, then go back in class, though the experience was fun, especially with a group of people, loud music in the silent campus and big studio room.

Building Construction’s project was the troublesome one which took so many of my precious energy and nights of sleep. Satisfaction reached, yet the quality not that good due to wrong method, but anyway, we learned the lesson.

I realised the good of Taylor’s University is that there’s place for people to use to do work. I and my team can’t be doing this at home because it will be very messy and we have to clean it ourselves, but in the studio, we can make it as messy it is, and someone will eventually come and clean it later.

To use the studio, we need to book it 3 days in advance, but then we didn’t. We just “borrowed” the room from our senior who booked it. The lousy thing about studio is that there’s no wifi service, which “Great, concentration” because that area is not covered in the hotspot and only one LAN connection port available.

However, the best part is the usage of projector and loud speaker. We played the music all night long.

Well, it would be great that there’s 24/7 cafe or food corner open in Taylor’s University, unfortunately, no. Though there’s plenty of vending machines around, yet they still doesn’t get on par with a plate of Maggi Goreng at the midnight mamak. Yes, we went out to hunt for food during our pauses.

I realised that the campus switch the air-conditioned to a warm temperature at a period of time in the midnight, as so it’s pretty warm sometimes. Luckily it was raining out there, which the rain drop accompanied us together with the music.

I actually brought a pillow, thinking that I would be sleeping in the studio and go to class in the morning, but I failed because I just couldn’t fall asleep, even how sleepy and tired I was. I just took a 5 minutes drive home and sleep. Even it’s just an hour of sleep, it’s still better than not sleeping.

Well, sometimes it’s funny when people just come to campus and that’s the time when I go back home. It’s almost sunrise, and I met a bunch of friends, came all the way from Sepang, 50km away to Taylor’s, early in the morning, to borrow the study room and read, before heading to breakfast. That’s the power and craziness of Penangites.

Well, don’t laugh. Bricks laying takes time. =D Not proud, but that’s the 2 sleepless night in studio.

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Nick is an interior designer and tech enthusiast based in Penang, Malaysia who constantly exploring places, indulges great food, discovering good design and is a shutterbug. Nick usually writes about Penang, happenings, travel, food, design and personal thoughts.

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