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Malacca: Wan Tan Mee @ Dung Fong Food Court

Malacca: Wan Tan Mee @ Dung Fong Food Court – I’ve heard before that the Wan Tan Mee (Noodle) at Malacca is different from elsewhere of Malaysia, the Malaccan has their own version of Wan Tan Mee. Thus, I went to Malacca to identify and see how different it is.

I found a stall located near to the Tong Bee Seafood which is also recommended by one of the local there. I went there after my little sihum lala meal and it’s actually quite nearbu to each other but then the GPS somehow took me a big round to reach it, don’t know why.

In a little food court of Dong Feng, many people were waiting for the Wan Tan Mee, it came after 10 minutes of waiting. It’s RM4 per plate and what’s different is there’s sio bak/siu yok roasted pork on it! Normally Wan Tan Mee serves with BBQ pork cha siu, but this one has additional siu yok. The sauce or gravy is a bit more saturated than the normal waterish soy sauce. Indeed, it tasted different because of the gravy that contains a little bit of chilli oil or something like that which tasted a bit of spicyness that I like!

It’s not a big different as I expected, but it has it own style and I kinda like it with siu yok. If the style is mix with Penang’s and KL’s that it will be super awesome as Penang uses lard, Kuala Lumpur has very good BBQ pork and noodle whereas Malacca’s gravy is special.F Do check out this place if you wanna try out Malacca-style Wan Tan Mee.

Dung Fong Food Court
(Bukit Cina)
Jalan Temenggong, Melaka.

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