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Malacca Trip: Afternoon Walkaround Jonker Walk / Jalan Hang Jebat

The above photo is actually the Tang’s House which was the guesthouse that we stayed in. Very good service, good room and good rate at only RM55 for two bed room. It’s just located at the end of the famous Jonker Walk which also known as Jalan Hang Jebat and there’s a parking area at RM2 per full day, great!

We couldn’t check in because we were too early, so left our stuff there and went for a walk to look for lunch on the famous Jonker Walk.

Nice Jonker Boutique Hotel.

A temple on Jonker Street.

Some rehearsal going on.

The weather that day was as usual, hot, no rain. If there’s little drizzle would be perfect but no. It’s freaking hot and I regretted not bring an umbrella with me. We just try to walk where there’s shade to cover ourselves from the sun. Haha. Perspiration got out pretty soon we walked for about 5 minutes.

Pineapple tart! =)

Though, it’s still nice checking the place out and taking photos.

Jonker Walk is famous for its night market which happens on weekends night and we came in a right time because it’s a Friday. Although it’s only happenings at night, but then there’s still shops to shop for stuff like t-shirt, and souvenirs which you will find it the same at the night market.

<3 Hueisean.

This is an old street featuring all the heritage shop houses built during the British and Dutch colony and this is more like a Chinatown to Malacca because long long time ago, this street was inhabitat by Chinese mostly. I like how they decorate and preserve the shop houses, unlike Penang, it’s so run down and ugly. Malacca really work hard on preserving their old buildings now.

A garden in the middle of the street, to be exact, house a public toilet in it.

Besides that, you will find a lot of antique shops and also clan house for different Chinese’s surname at there. It’s all gather at one place and not spreaded out like Penang, maybe because of this place is small. Malacca is really a super small state.

It’s pretty quiet during the day, but then when it comes to night, you can’t imagine how happenings it is, but on weekend only. I hope there’s place like this in Penang too, perhaps Campbell Street? Sadly, the Penang’s government haven’t take initiative in working this out.

Remember, it’s best to bring along an umbrella or wear a hat, it’s for the hot weather, super hot. =)

And finally we found famous chicken rice ball at the other end of Jonker Walk, which is known to be the start of it, but then that chicken rice ball (Jonker Chicken Rice Ball) was not a nice one. Recommend to try Hor Kee or Farmosa Chicken Rice Ball.

After lunch. We went to walk around the Dutch Square. Don’t want go back to the guesthouse just to check-in, so we went checking around the places before going back so it won’t waste our leg energy. Haha.

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  • Samsungx540
    April 7, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    all is individual comment without predudice..i am nt agree with what you are trying to share here especially the commet for the SOTONG BAKAR , I think the sotong price is reasonable and worth to buy because am the wholesaler of seafood.Dun judge the food by yr own taste..i try it before..its lovel and taste nice. thank you.

    • Nicholas Chan
      April 7, 2011 at 3:56 pm

      Thanks for your comment. Perhaps now I understand the pricing of the sotong
      bakar because Sotong Bakar are normally sell for RM6-8-10 in Penang’s


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