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Long Time No See Yiphing, Chien Chern and Raykee Aw

I met 3 of my crazy buddies, Yiphing, Chien Chern and Raykee Aw (Chen Yuen) last week! It’s really long time no see. The last time I saw Yiphing was, I’ve forgotten, last year I guess, the last time I met Chien Chern was 4 weeks ago and the last time I met Raykee Aw was last year too! It’s really had been a long time.

Yan Chien Chern.

Moving on and getting apart is just some part of our life right? Still remember we hang out almost all the time during the time after high school and before college. But after that, everyone have their own life and busy with their own thing. It’s not easy to get back to what it was when everyone was busy with different things.

Raykee Aw Chen Yuen.

I guess, that’s life? Meeting friends once in a while is happy. The time we spend most with friends are during high school, so cherish your moment.


Not saying friends are the most important people in your life, there’s still your family. When you get apart from your friends, family are they one that you should get close to, no matter what, family is still the closest and friends comes next. With the equilibrium of friends, family, work, and enjoy, that’s a perfect life.

Hello friends, are you still reading my blog? =D I miss you all.

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