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First Day With Sigma 8-16mm At Hard Rock Hotel Penang

This is what I did after getting my new Sigma 8-16mm super ultra wide angle lens for Canon mount last week. =D I asked my girlfriend, Hueisean together to go to the Hard Rock Hotel to try some shots with the latest lens.

I think I can be the ambassador for Hard Rock Hotel Penang because I always go there to take photos and walk for fun, then post onto my blog. =D I guess that’s the best relaxing place to take photos and because they have parking spaces too!

You see the lens, it’s so wide that it can capture almost everything with little and unnoticeable distortion. It was a quiet afternoon with no live band at the lobby as live band is only available during the night. Though, the laughter and shouting of kids and adults playing at the pool can be heard. What a lovely evening.

It was close to sunset but sunset was no where to be seen. It’s not super hot yet, sun shines on our faces and the warm sunlight touched our skin. We spent a little time at the beach, taking photos and chit-chat with each other, at the same time see people playing water sports.

The ivory golden sandy beach outside Hard Rock Hotel is no doubt the cleanest beach in Penang. The other beaches are dirty.

She jumped.

Perspiration started coming out from the pores and it’s also the time for us to leave the hotel for some cooling in the vehicles. It’s nice to try out the lens at this place but what I wanted to shoot most is some nice interiors.

Interiors like something below:

The lobby and a male toilet. =D I’ve no regret of getting this lens because it’s serve me well as a interior design student and a photography enthusiast. Welcome to Hard Rock Hotel.

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  • Anonymous
    June 29, 2011 at 11:31 am

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