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KTV, Cards and Talk at Martini Cafe

Last Friday, there’s actually a gathering at Kayu Nasi Kandar at Bukit Jambul but it was late and raining, and Kayu Nasi Kandar is like 30 minutes away from home so I decided not to go there. And at almost late night, Yiphing asked me out to Martini Cafe near Gurney Drive, somewhere like 5 minutes away from my house only, so I went. =)

IMG_4611 by nicholaschan.

Never been there before, I thought the place is just like a normal cafe for drinks, alcohol and some football TV but there’s more. There’s KTV there, LCD screens, mic and we can sing like at RED KTV, except with food and more choice of drink, unlike RED has only alcohol.

IMG_4606 by nicholaschan.
Yiphing and Shan Shan, wt?

IMG_4613 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4616 by nicholaschan.

And another thing is, there’s less TV and more table, singing took a long time only reach our table and the sound system was not pro enough, though I still like karaok-ing. Singing is my hobby although my singing sucks. Who can teach me how to sing properly? T.T

IMG_4617 by nicholaschan.
Shan Shan.

Well, people there were Shan Shan, Yee Ling, Eunice, Jick, Yiphing and me. They are TAR College gang except me and Yiphing. I has no gang because I am still not in college yet. Simply mix around now. Haha.

IMG_4649 by nicholaschan.
Chai Wei.

IMG_4651 by nicholaschan.
Yee Ling and Shan Shan.

The night was just talking, playing big2 cards and wait for our turn to sing. Whole night, I got to sing 3 songs, waited quite long but like it.

IMG_4659 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4654 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4655 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4636 by nicholaschan.

There’s singing pro in the house too, the baby face Yee Ling, don’t think that she’s a kid base on her look, when she sings, she’s professional. Really pro.

IMG_4629 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4664 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4665 by nicholaschan.
Mirror shoot! XD

Spent there till like 1.30am and I went home.

=========WORLD CUP FEVER AND PROMO=========

Which team are you supporting? I am supporting England and next match will be England vs Germany. Damn nervous and excited you know? One thing I want to ask you guys, where do you guys normally watch football? At home or coffee shop or football screen or at South Africa? LOL.

IMG_4808 by nicholaschan

IMG_4807-1 by nicholaschan

I just found two places in town that has big screen for football. One is KOMTAR Walk and another one is at New World Park.

IMG_5040 by nicholaschan

There’s one even bigger screen at Gurney Plaza!

[adv] Here’s some promotion for you guys in conjunction with the world cup fever. Everyone is high about world cup and so must give some special promotion and tips to you guys.

Fullscreen capture 6192010 33812 AM.bmp by nicholaschan.

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Happy World Cup!

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