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KLPAC, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre At Sentul Park

I am having a holiday right now. Say yeah! It’s very good to take some times off but I have some Internet stuff to run throughout the holiday just like updating this blog for some nice photo content to share with you guys.

Well, before the semester ended, my whole class of Diploma In Interior Design of Taylor’s University went to a site visit to KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) at Sentul Park to check out the site and architecture stuff.

Actually I have been hearing about how nice how nice about this place and finally I get a chance to visit it, thanks to my lecturer of Design Theory, Miss Veronica Ng who arranged the trip to us go and see, feel and learn.

The KLPAC is located near Jalan Ipoh, in a park call the Sentul Park and it’s pretty far from where I am residing at, the Bandar Sunway. It takes about half an hour drive from our campus to there. We went there by our school bus which we have to pay RM10 for the bus fare.

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, simply and commonly known as the KLPAC is situated in an old railway warehouse building. Looking very artistic with the cool red bricks and a little bit of heritage and ‘back-to-the-days-retro- feel, it senses sensory cell of the artistic side of me.

It was a morning and I was told that it even look better when the lighting are on during the art. Can’t wait to check out some show at there during the night. =)

We have a guide who brought us around the place and tell us about the architecture and some story behind the building. Miss Veronica brought along her cute little son too, Ethan!

Actually, there’s not much in there, it’s all the studio and 2 theater halls, then a little reception area and that’s all. We were only brought to the main theater hall that they call it the Pentas, known as stage in the local Malay language.

Upon entering the Pentas, it gives me a very raw and open feel because of the building material used around the place, yet the colourful seats cheer me up and makes the raw feel turns to something freshy, energetic and happy.

Some interesting facts about the KLPAC is all the shows have no specific dress code to enter the theater, which means you can wear singlet, shorts and slippers.

On the other hand, there’s no VIP zone as they want the theater to be a theater for everyone, same class level, no racism. And the cool stuff is that the first row is on the same row as the stage.

Colorful seats!

Raw material on the side wall for acoustic function.

Aida, Fanah and Hanan.

Kent Tan and Kevin To playing with the piano. Please ignore Kevin’s expression. LOL.

Just a random shot about the male’s.

Spent quite some times in the Pentas, enjoying the show of nothing on the stage and act like enjoying the show. After that, we went outside to the park. Yeah, there’s a nice park and little lakeside for people to chill and relax. It’s so nature and feels like it’s somewhere so-not in the city, but in fact this is almost in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city.

The Picnic

In fact, we had picnic outside, an idea by our lecturer of Design Theory, Miss Veronica Ng. She suggested of bringing food and share with friends and I want to apologize for not bringing any food there but I and my friends did contribute a few big bottle of mineral water. =D

There’s a nice lake of the view and some greens to see but unfortunately sun shines and there’s not much breeze around the place, it’s pretty warm and hot at that time.

Vincent Lee brought a guitar along and there’s music. For your information, the whole park was filled with voices and cheering of us as there’s no other people use. =D

They played balls, for a while.

Cute little Ethan.

The best part of the day was the food eating session in the outdoor, the PICNIC! There’s some tid bits, bread, nugget, macaroni and cheese and cake. They all so awesome, made by my classmate.

See below and you will see everyone was so happy with the food.

Spent about an hour plus eating and playing guitar and singing and shooting around and we took a group shot, after that we went back to campus. It was a nice site visit trip, in fact the best and funnest. Yay! See you guys Diploma In Interior Design in Semester 3, coming August! Happy holiday people.

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