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Internship Experience: I Feel Workday Blues

Internship Experience: I Feel Workday Blues – One week of internship at the interior design studio has passed, so how was it? It’s not as fun as I’ve expected. It’s more workload than I’ve expected and the office environment is not what I imagined. Haha?
No, not from the view of my office, how I wish it is. – Kuala Lumpur.
‘Come on, it’s just an internship training’, I told myself. I am now experiencing the job of a full-time designer at the company, guess that’s the point of practical training is, right? Haha. Now only I realised that it’s not easy to work in this industry, there’s no fix 9-5 working hours, it’s always O.T. most of the time, like today, I just got home like an hour ago only. Deadlines, and hardworking colleagues, that makes up the over time.
Colleagues and bosses are friendly at the studio, but there’s not much of spoon-feeding already, like teaching me what’s what, maybe it should be so, and they became a living dictionary that I can just ask anything I want to learn. Working in a designing firm is not what I thought as it is, I thought of working in team, I thought of less detailed drawing, more on 3D and conceptual design, turned out it’s detailed drawings all the time with minimal of 3D drawing. But hey, at least I know these detailed drawings can cost over tenth of thousands!
The workplace environment.
It’s kind of a mix or neutral feeling at work now, not overly enjoy, nor dislike it, I’ll take it as a place to train myself, learn and gain the knowledge and experience. 2 months only, let’s do it and enjoy it. But somehow, I still feel workday blues. Maybe I should find a fun point at work, which is…?
Anyway, good night and happy working to you. Things to do tomorrow: Find a fun point.
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