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i-City, Cool Light Garden And Park In Shah Alam

Not sure if you guys know about this place or not, I think it’s pretty new and I only knew about it recently when I passed by while going to Klang for Bak Kut Teh on one fine night. I saw the place filled with many LED lights trees, it’s like a park, like a garden and it’s called i-City, which is in Shah Alam.

One fine night, I went there with friends to check out the place with curiosity because I didn’t really know what’s the place is about cause I heard before we need to pay entrance fee, it’s just all light trees, nothing much. But after checking it out, I know what’s that.

Yes, we need to pay RM10 for parking per car. If walking into the place, you need to pay RM2 per person. Wow! Very expensive park, I am selfish, they shouldn’t charge and open for free to attract more and more and more visitor.

Well, if you go in the morning or before 7pm, it’s FREE. =D As long as the sky is not dark, you need not to pay. But you will see nothing when it’s bright. It’s actually all fake tree with LED as the leaves and petals. I thought it was LED on the real trip but actually it’s not.

Lai Quen.

Gary, my senior.

Lai Quen, Connie and Zhi Inn.

Although it’s just light, I think it’s pretty fun to walk around to take photo. Remember to bring a good wide aperture lens like 50mm f/1.8. Too bad I lend that lens to my brother and I only have my Tamron 17-50, shooting at 1600ISO. A steady hand is needed.

Then there’s some part of the i-City need to pay optional fee like there’s a mini animal park which is just animal sculpture in LED, you pay RM2. I didn’t go in. =D Then there’s also the reptile centre where you need to pay again, it’s real reptile though, like a super duper mini reptile zoo. There’s lots of snake and everything.

Quite many people taking photos and walking around at there. My friend told me that i-City serves as commercial office blocks in the morning and there’s a few restaurant where people can chill out at night. But the main attraction is the light park.

Well, do wear lightly, although it’s windy sometimes, but it’s still warm after all and perspiration beats out of our body.

Then at one side of the park, there’s a few games stall like in the fun fair and I saw a big outdoor LCD screen, it was playing CSI that time. I like the concept of the place, it’s like a new hang out place but they should reduce the parking and have more restaurants and cafe, and shopping too, then it’s perfect.

Yay, yay, bully. =D

Wei Kean and the Freako.

Went back at 12am after checking out the super duper mini reptile zoo. =D RM5 for student entrance. Haha. Very good.

iCity is a good visit. Want go again when I have a better camera gear, oh yeah!

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