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Hello Malaysia’s Starbucks Coffee Card

Hello Malaysia’s Starbucks Coffee Card – I know it’s kinda late to share this up but then I still believe many people out there do not aware of the existence of Starbucks Coffee card in Malaysia. Haha. I have the similar card a few years back but that was the USA version and it could not be used here.

After a long wait, the Starbucks Coffee card is finally here in Malaysia. It’s actually just collectible prepaid card or can use as a gift card which you can store money in it and then use it to buy your beverage and cakes. The good part of it is that it has a nice design on the card which can turn collecting the card as a hobby.

Another thing is, you get a free welcoming drinks upon signing up for a card. You just need to pay RM20, as a minimum reload and you can get the card itself, as well as a welcoming drinks. Awesome! And best part of all, the welcoming drink can be collected in 90 days time so you can take your long and nice time.

Currently, there’s only 3 design, the original green color, and two Christmas special editions card. I have got the light blue, how about yours? =) By the way, remember to register your card on Starbucks website so it can be use.

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