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Hello From Shanghai, China

Hello From Shanghai, China

Hello From Shanghai, China – Hello my baby, my friends, my family and my reader! Finally I get to sit down in front of the computer provided at the bar area of Blue Mountain Bund Youth Hostel to do a little blogging. The weather out there is about 3 degree Celsius and it’s feeling warm in the indoor. Today’s weather is kinda nice at about 4-5 degree Celsius and my body is getting used to the temperature already. It was freezing cold in the past few days, it’s rising now.

Today is day 5 of being in China. Arrived in Hangzhou on day 1, then went to Zhouzhuang, an ancient water town on Day 2 and Day 3, then exploring Shanghai since day 4.

I guess I have already covered most of the interesting attractions as introduced by most of the people, the Lonely Planet like the Nanjing Road East shopping street, The Bund, Pudong financial district area, the two awesome Apple Store in Nanjing Road and Pudong, French Concession area, Xintiandi, Xujiahui Cathedral, Tian Zi Fang, Dongtai Road Antique Street (went there late and only a few shops were open) as well as Yuyuan Garden and Cheng Huang Temple. Where else do I miss?

The another two more temple like the Jade Buddha and Jing An Temple are introduced by the Internet, however both of them need an entrance fees which is RMB30 and RMB10. It doesn’t seems to worth it to me. HAHA.

Food in Shanghai is just OKOK, not really my type of food I think. Price is cheap by the road side but doubt about the cleanliness, it gets more expensive in the restaurant. Xiao Long Bao is awesome but imagine eating it everyday. HAHA. Overall, I am not very attracted with Shanghai’s food, I favor towards food in the North e.g. Hong Kong, Guangzhou. The fastfood in China especially KFC is yum-yum though! =D

Shanghai is big, huge. It’s many size of Hong Kong, and Singapore. It has a feel of Hong Kong, but I prefer Hong Kong as it’s denser and more happenings throughout the day. Shanghai gets quiet at night where major attraction closes after sunset. Shopping district and bar areas in Shanghai maybe happenings but that’s all. That’s why I see so many people hanging out in the hostel’s bar area at night.

Well, I’m gonna sign off now and take a rest for the last day in Shanghai. No idea when am I gonna visit yet. But the day after will go to Shenzhen for two days and later Hong Kong for 5 days. Check out my photo updates on Away From Computer and Twitter @nicholaschan

See ya.

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