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Hard Rock Hotel And Beach With NS Friends

This is part of my Penang trip with Hornet (the squadron I was in during National Service) NS friends. Many of them were not from Penang island so I was so glad to bring them around and this Hard Rock Hotel visit was during the last day of our 3 days Penang trip.

Very surprise that Chuan, Khang and Weng who was from the mainland Penang didn’t know about Hard Rock, the name. They were pretty excited of visiting the hotel for the first time. This was not my first time, 2nd or 3rd already, but this should be my first proper visit with friends of that many people, and during the day time.

No idea what event or gathering was there. There were so many BMW cars with Singapore’s plate at the hotel.

It’s just like a museum or galleria full or artwork, artist’s costume, guitars and many many more. I like going there although I have already been there before, inside is really pretty and cool.

For the first time, I went to the swimming pool area because normally it’s close during night time and there’s a saying that this is the longest swimming pool in Penang. And swimming in the pool need to have a tag on the wrist just like going to a theme park.

So nice seeing the kids playing water, there’s slide too, which reminds me back when I was small and I so wish I could get into the pool at there. Before getting into the pool, I need to get a room there! You see, there’s room right in front of the swimming pool, damn cool man. It’s like can get into the pool anytime you want.

It was almost sunset, but it’s very hot and I was sweating like crazy.

Out of the pool is the beach. The beach is for everyone and it’s so happenings and so many people playing by the beach. Water sports, sand castle, swimming, horse riding, para sailing and so much more to play!

I wanna try para sailing so badly, it seems like so fun to be in the air!

We thought, why not our Penang trip’s accommodation be at Hard Rock Hotel? The simple reason, $! It’s expensive, and hopefully someone would sponsor me to stay at there, for a night or two. One night should be cool already. Hehe.

Took many photos and Hard Rock Hotel rocks. I am still looking for Hard Rock’s t-shirt with Batu Ferringhi or Penang printed on it. Have anyone seen it at the night market already? I am so not going into the Hard Rock gift shop. Hehe.

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