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Being “Gung-Ho”!

Being “Gung-Ho”! – I’ve been totally hiatus for one month and the last time I was on this block was 6th November 2012. Well guys, I’m glad to say, I am alive, doing good, listening to some soft jazz music at this wee hour and feeling relax, chill and a little bit of sleepy.

#1. Midnight at studio, movie + work + laughter with the crazy friends from the senior class.
#2. When thing get stress up, it’s time to pump up some much, and put your hands up while you are sitting.
#3. Basically, this is one of my workspace, at 4am.
#5. I went home for like 5am everyday for almost a week. Sleep till the noon and get the work adrenalin pumping again. Somehow, productivity gets faster when due is coming up. Haha.

Life have been exciting and hectic before and my long 3 months and 2 weeks of holiday has just started. The past month was like a war, being “Gung-Ho” for my interior design project in university and it was to design an office. Well, it’s fun, lack of sleep, heart pounding fast every day as time shorten and got closer to the submission and final presentation. I was like spending 2 weeks at night in the campus too and my body timezone became GMT-8. =D I am kind of perfectionist, and that’s why, I stressed up my own-self. Not to the extend of 100% perfect, but at least 90%, perhaps.

Talking about “Gung-Ho”, it’s such a cute word that my friend Tee Jin in the UK commented on my Facebook wall. It got curious as the word doesn’t seems hokkien, or Mandarin to me, it does sounds Asian, but I’ve no idea what is it about. After some Googling around, it means — 1:Incredibly enthusiastic, zealous and dedicated // via UrbanDictionary. LOL. I still don’t really get it, a word borrowed from the Chinese by the U.S. Navy in the 1950s, and it somehow became a slang meaning of very enthusiastic. O.O. You may read more on Wikipedia.

#6. Study, legs up, that’s my way.

I am getting “Gung-Ho” of interior design of course, that’s the way life work isn’t it? Get interested, enthusiast in what you are doing, embrace it. Yeah.

So, let’s get this blog moving again and be “Gung-Ho” in what you are doing now.

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