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Singapore: Day 1 At The Marina Bay Sands Resort

Singapore: Day 1 At The Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore, oh Singapore, it’s like my another home now. I was there like 2 months ago! And now I am there again. It’s my fourth time in Singapore for this year and in my mind, Singapore is just another part of Malaysia. HAHA.

Entertainment on the Aeroline coach. I guess I almost finish all the movie available.

I was very excited to go Singapore this time because my exam is over, I have no stress of assignment and the best part is to swim at one of the awesome-mest and tallest swimming pool in the world (at 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands Resort Singapore).

The trip to Singapore via a comfortable coach was tiring and long because of the freaking delayed at the immigration. Upon arriving at Harbour Front at 4pm, it took several change of subway to reach the Bayfront station (Harbour Front >Outram Park Interchange > Raffles Place Interchange > Marina Bay Interchange > Bayfront). Luckily, my brother guided me or else I will be spending extra time looking at the maps.

Interesting decor hanging at the atrium.
Marina Bay Sands.
The view from the hotel room. Lots of vessels on the Singapore straits.

Parents were there earlier already, dropped my luggage and first thing was to eat to cure my freaking hungry stomach. My first meal was on the bus, the second meal is at the Rasa Pura food court of Marina Bay Sands, after meal and it’s swim time! This one was fun because this was long-waited for me. Visitors have to pay S$20 to visit and you can’t go to the swimming pool!

It was windy, chilly and I have no idea where the sun was. A toe into the water brings a series of chill up to my body. A quick dip into the water send of a shivering all over me and after a while, I got comfortable. It’s 57th floor and no doubt that it’s windy up there. The view was just magnificent, it’s crowded with kids, babes, uncles, and aunties, it’s so different from the busy city life of Singapore’s CBD, this is call resort.

Pepper Lunch, the same thing I ate when I was a t Rasa Pura 2 months back. =.=
Singapore, same shot everytime. This time with a proper camera, my Canon 60D.

Just a quick dip into the water then went to Rasa Pura again for dinner, nothing much cheap in MBS and that’s why the food court again. Window shop around Marina Bay Sands, visited the Louis Vuitton again, take photos of the Singapore’s city scape again (I’ve been doing the same thing everytime I go to Marina Bay Sands), and then I went to the swimming pool again with my brother, (again).

Ze swimming pool at night.

Night time was fun because of the awesome night view, but it’s even colder than evening. I wonder why there’s no heater in the pool, perhaps to shoooo people away from it I guess.

Pool closes at 11pm and we went back to the hotel room to call it a day.

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