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General Printing Centre – The Hidden Print Shop In Taylor’s University

General Printing Centre – The Hidden Print Shop In Taylor’s University – I am not promoting the print shop in Taylor’s but just to share with you all Taylorian who might not know there’s a hidden print shop hidden behind the lorong (alley) of the Administration Office. I’ve met Taylorian who doesn’t knows the exist of this shop. Haha.

This place is somewhat cheaper and not cheaper than the school’s Follow-You-Print machine, you will know what I mean by cheaper and not cheaper.

In Taylor’s University, students get RM30 printing allowance per year which is used for printing notes and other document through the Follow-You-Print photocopy-scan-printing machines that are located in the library and computer lab. Price for Follow-You-Print is:

  • RM0.10 for Black&White A4
  • RM1.50 for Color A4
  • RM0.20 for Black&White A3
  • RM3.00 for Color A3

Printing at Taylor’s machine usually takes time when there’s many student using it and you need to climb the stairs to the computer lab or library. But when you are in a rush, you can go to General Printing Centre with the price of:

  • RM0.10 for Black&White A4
  • RM1.00 for Color A4
  • RM1.00 for Black&White A3
  • RM2.00 for Color A3

Can you see the difference there? RM1.00 for Black&White A3 which is freaking expensive and freaked me out once when I went to print. I thought it was RM0.20 just like the school’s.

Both places have their pros and cons. For normal print, color prints, I will go to General Printing Centre but for black & white prints, I will go to the school’s machine.


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