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Make Site Model For Design Studio’s Site Analysis

Make Site Model For Design Studio Site Analysis – Ignore the title, I guess you don’t know what is it all about. Design Studio is one of my subject and recently we made a site model for site analysis. =D

Making model is fun but sometimes I feel lazy on making it but the feeling of completing it is really nice and satisfying as you can see what you have just built, however it’s just a waste of space after submitting it also. HAHA. Afterall, making model is not my favourite part of design process, I prefer rendering a realistic design of it through the power of computer software and hardware.

Back to the site model, we bought materials, and we make according to our own methods as there’s no class on how to make one.

My team, Wesley, Jia Hui, Steve and me are not architectural student but are just students of interior design trying our best to make the model. Some times, I wonder why an interior design student needs to make the site model, isn’t it’s architect’s work? Maybe it’s just parts of the syllabus.

There’s actually material call the model board, architectural model paper, which are used especially for making architectural model. Spent a whole day in the studio and we did have something out of the materials.

Cute right? Let’s see the final one.




Cool right? It’s just like art class instead of interior design. LOL.

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