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Ferry Ride to Butterworth with Friends

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During the holiday, I went to Butterworth with a few friends via the ferry instead of using the Penang’s Bridge. I don’t really always go to the mainland of Penang, it’s mostly factories at there, so nothing much for me to go over there. I tend to stick to the island more. However, that day was different, my friend went there to interview for a job and I followed along just for fun.

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New place in town, Bar 36 The Social Club.

We parked our car at the parking lot near the ferry terminal and then went to the ferry. The parking was RM3 for half day and the ferry ride was free for going to the mainland. Ferry ride coming to the island need to pay though.

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The weather on that day was pretty nice, not very sunny, a little bit cloudy.

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Quiet ferry.

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Saw a Star Cruise Virgo cruise ship near Swettenham Pier. Wish I can get on a cruise some days.

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It’s very windy on the ferry. No idea how fast it’s moving on the sea, but I know it’s fast.

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Many giraffe at the back.

We went there, looked for the job interview then took the bus to inner mainland to the AEON Jusco Seberang Jaya shopping mall to take a look. Then we went back to the ferry terminal before sunset. It’s so convenient.

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No Touch N’ Go. It’s very manual, only accept coin and it’s RM1.60 for the trip back.

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It’s us.

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KOMTAR and George Town city!

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Car deck.

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Remember this photo?

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Quite fun, pun. ^.^

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