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Famous Super Hokkien Mee Behind Penang Plaza

Famous Super Hokkien Mee Behind Penang Plaza – This Hokkien Prawn Mee is quite famous among Penangite as it’s often known for waiting long to be served and also sold out very early by 9am +++. Super Hokkien Mee is the name of the store, it’s just a gimmick telling you that it’s ‘SUPER’. Haha.

Located behind of Penang Plaza in a coffee shop called One Corner Cafe on Jalan Bawasah, Super Hokkien Mee started selling early in the morning for breakfast. I went there few days ago with my friends to check out how good it was. We ordered at 8.30am and were told that we have to wait until 9am. That’s fine for us.

Famous Super Hokkien Mee Behind Penang Plaza

Pricing was surprisingly higher at RM4.50 per bowl, just like KL-price. You know, you still can find RM2.50/bowl of Hokkien Prawn Noodle at Cecil Street Market. How about the taste? The soup does indeed taste sweeter with a strong aroma of prawn, probably cooked with lots of prawn shell. Tiny prawn slices can be seen in the soup and unfortunately, boiled egg was not present in the soup.

Overall, it tastes good, but somehow might lazy to wait and wake up early for it again. XD Will try another one that sells out early at Pulau Tikus soon.

Super Hokkien Mee @ One Corner Cafe
12, Jalan Bawasah,
10050 George Town, Penang.

Closes on Tuesday.


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