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Australian Kangaroo Jerky (Bakgua) Sucks

Australian Kangaroo Jerky (Bakgua) Sucks

Australian Kangaroo Jerky (Bakkua) Sucks – My friend Yiphing brought some Australian Kangaroo Jerky (Bakkwa/Bakgua) for me to try yesterday. Only then I know that the Australian makes bakgua (dried meat) too, but using the Kangaroo meat. Ewwww. Kangaroo is so cute, how can it be eaten?

That’s not the main problem actually, the main thing is the taste sucks! It’s just not tasty, and has the kind of weird taste, kangaroo taste? It’s like the weird taste of lamb, but the it’s so much stronger in the mouth. I couldn’t finish it and spitted it out. Asian’s bakgua jerky is still the best.

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