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Short Visit to Hard Rock Hotel

Yay! I’ve finally been to the Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringhi, Penang! It’s my first time but it’s not an official visit. Why? Because I didn’t stay long at there and didn’t take many photos. Was planning to go somewhere else with Jin Xin and Huan Sheng that night, passed by Hard Rock Hotel so went in to take a look.

IMG_4519 by nicholaschan.

Although didn’t take many photos, I can now tell people that I’ve been there before already.

IMG_4523 by nicholaschan.
Let’s carry this Be@rbrick home.

The interior really rocks, many things to see and have live band playing live music at the lobby. My friend told me that the live band in Hard Rock cafe rocks more than the one in the lobby, but still, they were awesome.

Just one sad thing is that Hard Rock Cafe is only open for above 21, and I am only 17, going 18 soon! There’s one trick and that is eating dinner at there before the live band starts and stay in the cafe till the band is here. Then you’ll pass the ID check. Didn’t try before though.

Lights on my ass. LOL.

What rocks the most is the fibre optic lights at the main entrance. The color keep changing and it shows the Hard Rock logo. Prettyful! =D

Me and Jin Xin.

IMG_4536 by nicholaschan.

Find one fine day, I’m gonna go there again, to take many many photos, of course, it will be when my broken lens came back from service and thanks Huan Sheng for the photos. =)

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