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Chinese New Year Thematic Lantern Exhibtion At Victoria Harbour

Haha, this is so freaking old post where Chinese New Year was but I still find it interesting to share it up with you guys, hope you guys like it. I actually went to travel to my favourite Asian city, Hong Kong during the last few days of the Chinese New Year.

We thought of it would be very happenings in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year but unfortunately not during the last few days of Chinese New Year. Luckily, there’s still some mini Lantern Exhibition at Victoria Harbour for people to check it out and take photos.

On our visit to Victoria Harbour, we spend a little time to check out the lanterns and also the famous light show.

I got to tell you seriously that their lantern exhibition was real cool and neat. All were high quality and exhibited nicely and neatly which I think it’s not possible to happen in Malaysia. Hmm hmm.

There’s also some Chinese opera going on at the performing stage and I think they were pretty cool. Enjoying opera and lantern show in a very cool 13 degree celcius weather were fun.


Foggy Hong Kong.

What a nice place and night at Victoria Harbour.

There’s cute rabbit too!

Photos taken with Canon 400D and Canon 50mm f1.8.

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