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Hong Kong’s Central-Mid Levels Escalators

Don’t you feel awesome where you can take the escalator from the bottom to the middle of the hill. What a nice invention of technology and machinery. In Hong Kong, the Central-Mid Levels Escalators 中环至半山自动扶梯 is a very famous escalator in the world and Hong Kong which commute people up and down the hill.

In Hong Kong, the hill is not green, it’s all concrete buildings and Central area where the CBD is, is on a slope of a hill. A visit to Hong Kong must check out the escalator, even though it’s just an escalator, it’s long and bring you up very far like 500m or more.

We thought of  going up Mid-Levels 半山 from Central, then will reach the tram station which goes up to The Peak, but we failed. We couldn’t find any tram station on top. Though, it’s a nice walk through the escalator up Mid-Levels and we saw many thing.

Mom was busy shopping so it was me, brother and daddy.

Here we go. The escalator was only available for going up and people have to walk down the stairs if you want to go downwards. There’s so many people, working people, residents and tourists taking the escalator. At the lower level, it’s quite crowded but as you go further up, it become less and less people as there’s less commercial building and it’s all residential area up there.

It’s a nice walk up the older side of Hong Kong and so cool that we were on a slope of the hill. All the buildings were built very nicely too! With old Hong Kong architecture blends with British architecture, real cool.

At some point of the escalator way, there’s this mini station which encourages people to tap their Octopus card where you can get 10HK$ rebate. It’s a good way to stop people down and also encourages you to walk and use their service. Octopus Card is actually equivalent to our local’s Touch N’ Go card. You can see in the photo above where people queue up just go for a tap. I tapped my card too. =D

It seems nice to live at there but then imaging commuting up and down everyday like this also will tired.

Don’t be surprise to see flats, apartments up there as far as I know, this place is rather super expensive in Hong Kong as it’s so near to Central.

We reached the highest point of the escalator which is Mid-Levels or just known as middle height of the hill, we thought we could take a tram up to the Peak but then we couldn’t find the station anywhere near us. We walked around, asked and no one seems to know where’s the tram station is. Guess the riches up there don’t know what’s tram and only know about cars and chauffeur.

At the highest point of the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator is high end residential area. We were tired and thought of taking a cab down there but it seems ridiculous so, we just walked back down slowly.

And we were back to the lowest point in about 10 minutes. =D

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