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Cheras Taman Connaught Pasar Malam on Wedesday Night

Pasar malam is night market. I am a pasar malam fan because when I was in Penang, I often go to the pasar malam to look for cheap street food and just walk around for fun among the crowds. It’s nice. After coming to Kuala Lumpur, I haven’t really get to know all the night market. So far, I have been to one at SS2 on Monday and this is another one on Wednesday, the Cheras Taman Connaught pasar malam.

According to my KL friend, this pasar malam is the longest in KL and is about 1.5km long. Wow. This is what it attracts me and I thought there would be selling lots of stuff. Unfortunately, from Sunway to Cheras is like 20 minutes drive away, it’s kinda far.

So on a fine Wednesday night, I decided to make a visit to the night market, navigate through a GPS and a half-local KL people. Haha. Zhi Sheng was the half-local KL people who actually brought me to the wrong road, and turned out I still have to look for Google Maps because Taman Connaught pasar malam POI is not in the GPS list. In the end, we found our way, just navigate to Giant Taman Connaught or UCSI then you can find the pasar malam already.

I was pretty excited when I see the stalls and people flowing here and there. Road was jam and looking for parking was kinda difficult. Try to park at UCSI there and walk to the pasar malam, there’s plenty of parking at UCSI.

We started our journey through the long pasar malam. I was with my classmate Zhi Sheng and my housemate Wei Ding. My classmate girls were there too, just that we went there by two cars. Funny thing was they went out earlier from uni than us but then we arrived earlier. They were lost too.

What’s so fun about pasar malam is that you can buy cheap cheap street food like fish balls, satay and stuff then can eat and shop at the same time. This is really fun. But then keep buying little street food is rather expensive when you total them up. I didn’t care because I don’t always get to go to pasar malam. Surprise to see that the food there are so much different from the pasar malam in Penang.

They love fermented beancurd or simply known as smelly toufu here which something that couldn’t find in Penang. Really smelly.

Tako balls! Not so awesome though.

You can actually see a lot of college students at there because the pasar malam is just beside UCSI university. The place makes me feel lively and a bit like home, just different is that the people here speaks Cantonese instead of Hokkien at home.

We walk walk walk. One different thing again is that they do sell pirated DVD and books at pasar malam which you will not see in the pasar malam in Penang island. In the island only, all the pasar malam don’t sell pirated DVD, which is pretty cool. Haha.

Famous Alisan Taiwanese Chicken Chop, Penang also have.

This is wonderful.

So have you been wondering what stalls do they have on this very long 1.5km pasar malam? Well, to be honest, most of the stalls are repeating. You will see the same logo, same price, same food every few hundred meters. Really funny. They are just selling the same thing but doubling or trippling their own stall only to make the pasar malam long. Very clever indeed.

Lok lok here is damn expensive man.

Then surprisingly, in the middle of the pasar malam, I met up with the girls, they were coming from the other side and we were walking on the opposite direction. Cool.

I didn’t really eat a proper meal. My dinner was keep buying fish ball, sausage, satay to eat. All the little little food.

The weather was that nice that night. It rained, but we were hot and sweating and thanks to the light rain, cooled us up. However, the rain get bigger later. Haha.

Rain big big and we went home. The pasar malam is real long and hopefully got chance go again but not anytime soon cause go there is money wasting, far and eat a lot. Haha.

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