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Budapest: Very Interesting ‘Ruin’ Bar & Club

Eastern Europe Trip // Budapest: Very Interesting ‘Ruin’ Bar & Club – I never know about these ‘ruin bars’ to me before I came to Budapest. When I was in the hostel that I stayed (BlackSheep), there was like a board showing the attractions and where to hang out at night, there where I found a huge list of ‘ruin bars’. Sounds interesting in the name, as it like bar in a broken down setup, and turned up it actually is like that.

‘Ruin bars’, or ‘Ruin clubs’ are built in Budapest’s old District VII neighbourhood in the ruins of abandoned buildings, that where the name come from. Bars and clubs in run down and abandoned buildings where it’s modified, revamped, restored a little bit with some touch of artsy fartsy decoration and bar facilities and that’s the ‘ruin bars’.

From outside, they looks like any other building around, without large signs pointing the way and you don’t hear any loud noise nor many people quieing to get in. But once you walk in and enter the inner courtyard, you find yourself in the middle of hip, artsy, funky bar that is bustling with crowds talking, music pumping from the dance room and merrily enjoying the laid-back atmosphere

Of course, it’s for 18 and above and most of the bars are free, but clubs though charge a little fee for entrance. There’s once that I went was free – Instant, but be prepared for a long queue into it. The coolest part was there’s various room for different genre of music. The hipsy decoration, the open air bar and different type of rooms and setup just gave a variety of sensation to be experienced. You would not know how cool it is from the outside, but once you are inside, you would be like, ‘WOW’.

Shots of Pálinka, the Hungarian brandy that has a fruity taste. It has a minimum of alcohol content of 37.5%, which sounds high but you will surely like it because of the fruity and sweet taste. It’s good.

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  • Arms
    May 27, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Cool pictures, man. Never have I seen a club like that before. Abandoned buildings, right. Still looks great.

    • Nick Chan
      May 29, 2014 at 12:34 pm

      Yes, it’s very special, because most abandoned building would normally just leave there as it it, but in Budapest, it’s different.

  • vaibhav
    June 7, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Indeed a great post once again. And god collection of pictures I must say.


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