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Bandung Travel: Random Walkaround At Jl. Riau Area

Let’s talk back about my Bandung travel trip which I had last year. One of the places I went was Jalan Riau or simply known as Riau Road. This place is famous for many boutique outlet stores, but then the best was not there. The best outlet store, Rumah Mode is at other road.

On my first dat at Bandung, I arrived in the afternoon, after checked in and settled down our luggage at the hotel, we went to take a cab to Jl. Riau for a walk as this place is recommended by the Internet.

Well, in a simple town, not very small town, the traffic at there is pretty bad which is quite surprising. I though stuff like traffic jam only occur at big city or capital city of a country but this town on the Jawa island has a very bad traffic. Cab driver told us that many people from Jakarta would drive to Bandung during the weekends and that’s explain the traffic congestion.

It took us like 45 minutes to reach Jl. Riau and I stucked my face on the cab windows all the time. =D Another nice thing was that the cab ran on meter, which is not like the irresponsible cab in Malaysia, sucks.

The weather at there was a little bit dark, drizzled a little bit but we still manage to walk on the street. The cab drop us at somewhere I am not sure. I saw many many boutique outlet stores at there. Some say the brand at the outlet is authentic, some say is fake, and I feel it’s fake, and it’s top-grade immitation. Somehow, they are cheap!

Not many people walk on the street, but I see many cars. Tourist were like a little but locals were many!

It’s pretty interesting to check out those fashion boutique outlet. Branding from Versace, Lacoste, Polo and more. The outlets are really big and all have pretty nice interior design and store architecture.

Night falls, had dinner somewhere around there then we took a cab and went back to hotel. To Chi-Walk, we went and that’s the place where Sensa Hotel is located at.

Chi-Walk or Chihampelas Walk is another shopping destination on Jalan Chihampelas, but this is like a mini shopping mall for the locals and it’s quite cool. I just know that their stores are more high end and nicer than my hometown, Penang. Wow.

Well, the temperature at night is pretty cool, like 21-24 degree celcius. Like in a aircon room. Nice.

Bandung, yeah!

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