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Photos Of Leo Idol 2010

Below are some old photos of Leo Idol 2010 that happened last year at Han Chiang High School’s Stadium. Every year, Leo Club organizes a talent quest competition called Leo Idol but I heard that last year’s was the last one already, don’t know is it true or not.

I have been participating in the helper team for 3 years already but I did not help out for last year’s. I was in national service so don’t be surprise for my bald head. Hehe.

So how did I come out from national service camp to attend this Leo Idol event? Actually I was on MC, sick and came out of camp but I recovered and I still have time, so I went to check them out. Hehe.

Leo Idol was getting better, the participants were so strong, so good in singing and they really amazed me a lot.

Each batch was like better than previous batch I felt. Real awesome night.

Botak head. Real old me man. =D

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