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Back to Chung Ling High School 2010

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On the first day of school, everyone went back to school, I have graduated from high school and I have got no school to go right now. But on that day, I also went back to school too! I actually went to collect my graduation certificates and my result slips, then in the mean time, had some canteen food and say hi to some junior of mine.

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Prefects love to spot check pockets because want to check for hidden takeaway food. Boo.

The days at school were so fun. You can check out all about my past high school life in this blog. Who says schooling sucks, I kinda like it and now I miss it quite a lot. High school to me is like a fun playground, everyday go to school talk and play with everyone, include teachers. Learning is just only a very little part of it, playing and enjoying school and friends are the best part. That’s why I love it so much.

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Only sad thing is have to wake up early in the morning and study very very very very hard like a rock for exams. The process of exam does not sucks but the time before exam sucks a lot.

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Went back to school with the same gang. They went there for canteen food actually.

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Prefect, still that unfriendly face. Why?

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No matter how much I miss the school, I still have to say bye bye because life move on now. I can still go back occasionally for canteen food and to say hi. But I guess this won’t last long because I don’t really know much young junior at there. People keeps getting older.

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We also went to the counseling room to chit chat with the teachers. They seemed to be free and very happy to talk with us. I wanted to ask about study but too many people already and so we had to make appointment.

Went back home before school dismiss to prevent traffic jam. Yeah.

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