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So fast one month already, one month ago was very excited because my brother was coming back but now he just went back to Singapore yesterday. I am sleeping alone again. =[ The next time he come back I think is after his A Level exam this year end, then he will have 6 months break. That time, I will be not alone again. Muahaha.

He left me something home. Most probably because he is too lazy to bring back.

This lousy wireless mouse, he got it free when sign up for broadband in Singapore. It sucks, so not sensitive, I’ve tried it.

This is good. He left this around RM100 mouse pad at home. I don’t play game much(sometimes) also, give me also not very useful. HOWEVER, I can show off. HAHAHAHA and it look nice on my table. If you put some cheap optical mouse on it, you will feel the smoothness when you scroll. RM100 is kinda crazy lo, but if you play game and have a Razer Copperhead, then it’s a great combination, my brother say one.

Got 2 side, 1 is speed the other is control. Speed is very smooth and fast. Control is normal one but still smoother than your table’s surface.

Wakakaka! He left his laptop charger! When he arrived at his hostel, took out his laptop only realize that the charger is at home. Cannot go online already lo. Haha. Nevermind, someone is passing this to him soon.

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    June 22, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    You laugh all the time when your brother forget to take this or that…so jing leh. 😛 I do that too all the time. BUT I hate it when I’m the one who MUST send his forgotten things to him 😛


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