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I tell you, sleeping late at night is definitely not a good idea. Bad idea. Last night, I do clean up for my room. I clean very slow one. Clean awhile then watch TV awhile then chat awhile then do again. My table was very messy but now it’s better already.

I saw the clock and it is kinda late already, so I decided to finish cleaning other day. I think I slept at near 1am. Then woke up at 6.22am. That time I woke up very fast, I don’t know why. Sleep like 5 hours only. Don’t feel comfortable with the hour I have slept.

In car, I fell asleep. Then in school, I whole person stim stim, blur blur, and very sleepy. What can I do? I am sitting on the first row, can’t even get my eyes close, if I sleep, teacher sure will see me. Luckily, got 3 free periods. 2 PE periods, and Civic Education. Happy. I read some news first then after while, I lie on my arms, on the newspaper, on the table, shut my eyes and try to go asleep.

You know, in my class can’t sleep one. Because if got free time, nobody bother to sleep, only some of us, then this makes the class damn noisy. When no teacher that time, the class is like divided into 4 groups, 3 groups will be playing the RUBBER GAME, I am not in the 3 gang. Haha. The 4th gang sometimes also will sleep one, but definitely don’t play rubber.

I nap for like 20 minutes like that. Then found my friends(don’t play rubber people)not in class. Went to find them. They were at the bookstore. “Ponteng” class, but no teacher in class, who cares? Talk cock there for 1 period, it’s better than going back to class, there so boring. Haha.

Always last minute work, do you do The Star NIE Promote Visit Malaysia Year 2007 competition? I do, but I am doing last minute, thinking hard for idea to make the poster. Argh!! Need beautiful photos of Penang. Who know where can find? If got high resolution better. Bye!

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    June 22, 2007 at 4:56 pm

    Aiyo…I thought you got camera shot here shot there. No high resolution photos meh? You did not see my VMY2007 post meh? Some of the photos I took leh. You want just as me lor…kakilang mar…hehe


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