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Enjoy blogging? Want to make money online? Here is another cool paid review service call Bloggerwave. Bloggerwave is a new site and pay blogger to review post. Sounds cool right? You just need to write a review and opinion on the advertiser’s site or product then wait for Bloggerwave to approve your post. Later, wait for them to pay out through the famous online money transfer site, PayPal. Easy right? Your blog and make money at the same times, which added fun to your blogging lifestyle. I’ll say Bloggerwave is good. So why not try it out? Currently Bloggerwave is looking for bloggers, so if you are reading this, and need to earn some money online, join Bloggerwave now!!

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Nick is an interior designer and tech enthusiast based in Penang, Malaysia who constantly exploring places, indulges great food, discovering good design and is a shutterbug. Nick usually writes about Penang, happenings, travel, food, design and personal thoughts.

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  • Yee Piao
    June 19, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    Nic, are you using PayPerPost? How much Bloggerwave is paying you per post like this?


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