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Away to PLKN (Day 58): Photos with Teachers and Friends After 2009 Graduation Ceremony

Quite some time didn’t see my Graduation Day post already right? I am back with the last one which consist many photos of me taking with my teachers in school. So this happened right after the Graduation Ceremony 2009, people started going back home, but I decided to stay and go look for teachers to take photos with. It’s last time already, where everyone still around.

Not possible for me to purposely go back to school to take photos with them now right? I don’t know where my school uniform go already.

I want to say thank you all teacher although I didn’t really listen in class (sometimes), but I did learn things, I respect all my teachers. You guys rock!

IMG_4237 by nicholaschan.
Miss Teh Phaik Keow, my Leo Club advisor and my Add Maths and Maths teacher.

IMG_4236 by nicholaschan.
Forgot his name, Chung Ling super top student, my senior.

IMG_4238 by nicholaschan.
Yun Huai, Jia En and Min Sheng.

IMG_4240 by nicholaschan.
Ee Theng, top top student also, from my class.

IMG_4241 by nicholaschan.
Liang Sun and Lit Chen, classmate before.

IMG_4244 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4253 by nicholaschan.
Miss Lee Mee Ling. Prettiest teacher in my school, during my time.

IMG_4255 by nicholaschan.
Rowan, photog freak.

IMG_4256 by nicholaschan.
Kuan Yu and Eng Hoong.

IMG_4258 by nicholaschan.
With Miss Chin Wee Kem, my Physics teacher for two years.

IMG_4260 by nicholaschan.
With Miss Tan Lon Eng, my Chinese teacher for Form 5. Rocks.

IMG_4262 by nicholaschan.
Miss Kang Ku Lee. My Malay Language teacher. Rocks.

IMG_4263 by nicholaschan.
Miss Hong Yan Mei, my Add Maths teacher in Form 4. Powerful.

IMG_4264 by nicholaschan.
Mr Ng Swee Tiang, my Mathematics teacher in Form 4. Bombastic.

IMG_4267 by nicholaschan.
Miss Yeoh, my Young Enterprise advisor.

IMG_4268 by nicholaschan.
Miss Kong Mei Yuet, my history teacher for Form 5.

IMG_4271 by nicholaschan.
Geofferey, you see your hand!

IMG_4272 by nicholaschan.
Mr Ong Chin Hua, my Moral Ed teacher for Form 5.

IMG_4274 by nicholaschan.
Mr Ang Tatt Seng, I don’t know him. Haha.

IMG_4275 by nicholaschan.
Teacher, I don’t know her name also. OMG

IMG_4276 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4277 by nicholaschan.

Take photos inside staff room before running away.

IMG_4280 by nicholaschan.
Hock Sheng, my neighbour in class. Sleep king!

IMG_4281 by nicholaschan.
Wei Long.

IMG_4282 by nicholaschan.
Mr David Christopher, my Moral teacher for Form 3.

IMG_4285 by nicholaschan.
Take photo in toilet before running away. XD

IMG_4288 by nicholaschan.
Ooi Yi Zhi.

IMG_4290 by nicholaschan.
Prefect! I dislike last time but later then I don’t care already.

IMG_4295 by nicholaschan.
Mr Tan Seong Hee, afternoon session head.

IMG_4296 by nicholaschan.
Take photos with unknown scouts member. Rocks.

IMG_4299 by nicholaschan.
With counseling teacher, Mr Tan, Ms Khoo Ee Lin, Ms Ung.

IMG_4301 by nicholaschan.
With Gerald’s friend.

IMG_4303 by nicholaschan.
With Mr Yap and I don’t know.

Yay, Chung Ling ROCKS!

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