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Last Wednesday at Farlim Pasar Malam

It’s my first pasar malam visit after I came back from my NS camp, it had been quite a while that I didn’t go to pasar malam already and I kinda miss the days. Mom says pasar malam is for girls and I don’t agree, I like to walk around at happenings and crowded place and look for cheap street food, eat while window shopping, and people observing, it’s fun! =D

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It was Wednesday and I was with all boys, Wei Chung, Yong Chieh, Arron, Chien Chern and Chin Tatt. We ate at Kutabali Hawker Center then we drove Farlim’s pasar malam (a.k.a. night market) which is just nearby.

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It’s quite a crowded night at the pasar malam, people was everywhere, young and old.

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I found out that I’ve nothing to buy, it’s just walking here and there around the market, looking around, mostly windows shopping. If you do realized, stuff there are kinda repetitive, you will see the stores selling the same thing but different man standing. Wei Chung saw the UV writing board and thought it was cool, but for me, I think it’s just normal only, and it’s all Chinese product. I prefer the  board to be plain and simple, and with a better framing perhaps.

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Pasar malam sells a lot of t-shirts and lala stuff. I don’t know want how to explain the word “lala”, it refers to teen boy and girl who dress up very lala, HAHA, in other words, is that they (lala) dress up a bit too over with a mixture of Japanese and Taiwan fashion, with high stocking, blink blink dress and so on.

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Buying clothing at pasar malam is cheap, though you don’t get a fitting room. It’s either put the clothes on top of what you are wearing and fit it, or you buy it home and find it not fit, you can take back to exchange. That’s the interesting part. ^.^ The price is low too, when compare to same stuff at place like Prangin Mall in Penang or Sungai Wang in Kuala Lumpur, probably because there’s no rental here.

Stuff here are normal and cheap stuff, didn’t see pro stuff yet. I wanted to look for some AV cable (Toslink) and protective for my Nexus One but I found nothing.

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What we bought there was just food, desserts for ourselves after dinner. Bubble teas and ice cream!

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Farlim pasar malam rocks. HAHA.

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