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Away to PLKN (Day 50): Lomo on Chung Ling Sports Day I

Last year’s Chung Ling High School Sports Day, I brought my Holga with me to school. Put in a roll of 120mm film and I shoot on the nice sunny day. It’s always the best to shoot on a nice sunny day, I like it.

000009 by nicholaschan.

000011 by nicholaschan.

People might thought I am weird a bit last time because hanging to camera, and one feel so toy-ish. But now, lomo toy camera is getting more and more camera. Do you know what’s a lomo camera?

000008 by nicholaschan.
Karate! You see the lights? It’s called light leak.

000007 by nicholaschan.

000006 by nicholaschan.
Mr Mohd Hafiz! My biology teacher in Form 5. Very good person. He was a flag man on the last year’s sports day.

000005 by nicholaschan.

000004 by nicholaschan.
Me, Min Xiang and Yong Seng.

I miss Chung Ling High School, but not really the sports day. Sports Day is always boring to me. Haha.

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