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Away to PLKN (Day 23): Form 1, Class 1T9 of 2005

I had a plan. My plan was go into PLKN (National Service) for don’t know how many days, then come out when Form 6 starts although I am not going to Form 6, so it would shorten my time in the camp. It was just my plan, I don’t know about this, so do stay tune for this space, or Twitter for my update. Maybe the camp is fun, who knows? Hehe.

But then, coming out from NS also will be a holiday like the 3 months before. My college starts in July and I will be studying Interior Design course. I like it! =) Talk about it next time.

Teachers Day Form 1 by nicholaschan.
Teachers’ Day 2005.

Back to some random stuff, sharing 5 years back when I was Form 1, 13 years old that time, very young age, looking so childish and was studying in class 1T9 of 2005. I was still naive, I was not mature yet, I joke around all the time but it’s fun.

15642928718339l by nicholaschan

But one thing I very sure was, I was already addicted to the Internet and technology and gadget by that age. Everyday online to surf the net and online gaming.

15630647652884l by nicholaschan
Alvin Yang and me in 2005.

15630625036856l by nicholaschan
Alex, Danny, me and Alvin.

17937436656913l by nicholaschan

Met friends like Alvin, Danny, Andy and Alex. But then now, everyone goes apart, to study and to everywhere. Still, nice to meet you guys!

15179702516885l by nicholaschan

Form 1 was not bad, always play, got go sing karaoke, got go watch movie, also got go hang out at the mall. Just, I didn’t look cool. Haha. Form 1 was also the year I really started blogging, that time was writing about games as I was so interested in game console.

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