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Away to PLKN (Day 20): Back to Form 2TA4’s Foosball Outing

So how’s life people? Guess I am doing good here at the PLKN (National Service) camp. Do your place, your country has national service or army program? I know Singapore has it and the duration is 2 years, and it’s tough.

My Malaysia is something short, 3 months and they say it’s not tough. Though, I get to hold on to the real M-16 and fire a shot from it, yes, it’s only one shot, but it’s super fun! Bang Bang Bang.

PICT0037 by nicholaschan.
Got World Cup shirt. Woo.

Here’s what I found in my Flickr, it’s something old, like 4 years back when I was Form 2. During Form 2 that time, I studied in the class 2TA4, it’s year 2006, the second year for me being in secondary school. I made a lot of friends and organized an outing for my classmate. It’s going to Gurney Plaza, the usual place! Haha.

PICT0045 by nicholaschan.

Looking back at the photos, I look so young, so child. But it’s fun being young! =) Miss the day back, a little but, but somehow I don’t have much memories before Form 3, maybe because I haven’t grown up yet. Hehe.

PICT0040 by nicholaschan.

PICT0035 by nicholaschan.
Me is inside! Next to me is Yik Chia.

For RM2, can play the Foosball for 10 rounds as there’s 10 balls. They were not a Red Box kaki, so we didn’t go there.

PICT0034 by nicholaschan.

PICT0029 by nicholaschan.

PICT0018 by nicholaschan.

PICT0013 by nicholaschan.
Qi Jia.

2006 was like so many years ago! OMG, don’t feel like growing older but cannot. Move on yeah.
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