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Away to PLKN (Day 2): Borrowed PLKN 2010 First Batch DVD from Jocelyn

First time being away from home for so long and some more it’s a camp. I regretted why high school I didn’t join scouts or related-cadet which has camping, so I would be well-prepared for now. You guys in high school should join more camp, it’s fun.

I Google-ed over the Internet about National Service (PLKN), camping and many related stuff. Luckily, they film out the program for Kumpulan 1 Siri 7 2010 of Kem PLKN White Resort, which is the camp that I am at. Kumpulan 1 means first batch, I am batch 2, so when I am out, there’s DVD for us too, but need to pay money to buy it.

IMG_7973 by nicholaschan.

One set of DVDs consist of 3 discs and it’s RM30. They have good mind of making money. Gonna thank Jocelyn from first batch for lending me the disc.

IMG_7969 by nicholaschan
Doing homework.

It’s good to see what they do and how’s life in the camp. And I’ve asked a lot of information from my friends who had just came back from the camp too. I am ready, not-ready also must ready because I am there already! Yo!

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