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A Week In Taylor’s University #1

A Week In Taylor's University #1
#1: On the other side of the man-made lake.

A Week In Taylor’s University #1 – Hello people, it’s another new week again, how are you guys? I am starting something new called “A Week In Taylor’s University #” which is actually blog post full of photos that I’ve captured over the week. I compiled them up and I blog it up in a shot. One long post of all the photos of the week. It would be easier and you won’t be seeing similar thing everyday. =D

#2: Lazy dog lying at staff’s carpark.

Of course it’s not my first week in Taylor’s University, it’d been I-don’t-know-how-many-weeks. Well, if you ask me about the experience in this campus, it would be good and bad, I love the beautiful campus, however, I kinda dislike the way they administrate the school. It’s a little big too money-centric which I certainly hates.

Another thing is the syllabus for Diploma In Interior Design isn’t that great after all. OMG. I did learn something, but I also did learn something not really interesting, or related to design, it could be said as not practical with future work.

#3: Hate to see the Autopay sign where it reminds you to pay.

#4: Cloud overcasting the sky.

Blablabla. If I were to rants about it, it would be a bloody long post but I don’t want to. Haha. It’d been raining quite a lot last week. The sky was scattered with clouds all the time, and I kept afraid of raining down because I have to walk to the carpark to fetch my car. There’s no covered walkway. It’s just so stupid. Haha.

#5: iPhone games are just everywhere in school.

#6: Kevin To in the background.

Studies was OK, just a little bit stress and worried on assignments. Because all in the mind was getting a good result, which results in a pushing myself too much. Sometimes, I told myself to take a break, sometimes, I told myself to push. What a funny me.

#7: Wanyi’s drinking water.

#8: A dark and cloudy day.

Well, do you like it when a lecturer tell you that the class is canceled, or no class for the day? It sure sounds good and fun, however at the same time felt pain in the ass, because every lesson is money. $$ You might be thinking I am being money face, yes money is very important, yet tuition fees is expensive. Haha. How wish the tuition fee could be lower, even if it’s lower, I need to be convinced that the fee worth it, but till now, I am not convinced yet. Hmm. What do you think?

Truth is, I think I’ve picked the wrong school? Perhaps, but thing has been done, decision has been made, so I have to go with the flows. Hoping that I will be convinced one day.

#9: Lecturer was playing a video for us to see.


#10: Had Moral Education mid-term exam which was pretty fun and easy.

#11: The Kebab Stall.

#12: Working on the kebab, smells delicious, priced expensive at RM8 per kebab sandwich.

Spent quite a lot of time recently in campus because of group work for the assignments and projects. The thing that I like about the school is having a good facilities where we can work out on projects during free time.

#13: Workers painting the outdoor table. Good job,

#14: Wesley’s acting cute and Jia Hui was concentrating with the music on the iPhone.

#15: Some Sony Walkman event in the campus.

#16: Delicious mamak-style fried rice at Star Teh Tarik for only RM4.


And there’s many food and beverage outlets which are pretty cool. I like Star Teh Tarik, a mamak store in the campus which is my favourite dining place because of the low price. HAHAHA. Not forget to mention, the food is good in taste too.

#17: In a classroom overlooking the mad-made lake. Looking ugly at the end where the open air rocky road carpark is.

#18: Some entertainment in class.

#19: iPad gaming in class.

#20: More iPad user in action.

#21: 1:1 sculpture by the architecture students.

#22: Farah’s smilling to Wesley.

#23: Security guard looking at the lake, relaxing.

#24: The 3 beautiful academic blocks. Too bad, there’s only 3 of them. The word “UNI” at the roof looks weird.

#25: The lake with an ugly end.

#26: Fire hydrant by the lake. Was playing with my Sigma f1.4 30mm lens.

#27: Another unfavorable sign.


#28: FREE parking is always uber far away.


Well, let’s see how this week will be to me. Super duper looking forward to the Apple event tomorrow and also the Nine Emperors God Festival on Wednesday. =) Do you like your college?

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