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A Monday In Taylor’s University and Street Market

Here’s another update about my university life. My typical Monday’s class is English class from 10-12 and Introduction to Design class from 1-3.

It’s all 2 hours class and I pretty dislike English class because it made me feel like going back to high school. Not saying that I hate high school, I love it a lot, it just that I don’t like going to English lesson again. Haha. Ok, my English sucks by the way, especially on the grammar part and word usage. Anyway, I can read and write. =)

Uni is pretty happenings this week as there’s something like street market, selling cloths, food, game stall and stuff. I have no idea what even has going on and we just keep calling it the “pasar pagi” or morning market.


I saw a booth where there’s many replica made out of recyclable item like newspaper and stuff. It seems very cool and I thought they were selling it.

But actually it’s some sort of model search, or they call it as G&H Faces Search. Free photo taking with any frame there and get a free print and magazine of Faces. Then you will be part of the search. =D

Mine, Zhiinn’s and Lai Quen’s. =D

I was not really interested in the search, but what I more interested was getting the free print of my photo. Haha. That’s all.

Wesley from Seremban, Steve from Pahang. I call them Shuai Shuai. Haha.

Then I went to Student Life Centre, a place where students hang out or relax, there’s board game there, piano, pool, guitar, foosball, and I played Chinese chess with Wesley and Steve. Haven’t play it for quite some times already. Fun indeed!

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